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Libertarian for California State Assembly, District 17

So long as it is consensual, what you do with your body, time, and resources should be up to you. I will strive to move California toward being a consent-based society where government does not interfere in people's lives except to defend against involuntary harm to life, liberty, or justly-acquired property. Whatever your race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, immigration status, age, or disability status, your life matters! You deserve equal legal rights and treatment by the law, and no law, government official, or agency should involuntarily restrict your freedom to peacefully live as you choose. Your consent is important in ALL aspects of your life, not only with regard to your sexuality!

A Few Important Issues...

These are only a handful of the many important issues facing us as Californians and human beings struggling to live in a highly statist society. More will be added, but if you are concerned about a particular issue you don't see listed or addressed here, feel free to get in touch and ask me directly!

Decriminalizing Victimless "Crimes"
The Constitution and Bill of Rights must be upheld, and consensual prostitution, the sale, use, and production of intoxicating substances, gambling, free speech, must be decriminalized, and the civilian right to keep and bear arms upheld in order to deter crime, including government crime. Any gun control measures must focus on police and other government agents, because disarming civilians while leaving those in power armed is a recipe for tyranny. Far too many lives have been ruined, and stolen taxpayer resources wasted, on futile crusades like the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Sex Work". These and other laws have disproportionately harmed members of minority communities. I specifically endorse the current initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in California.
Standing Up for Immigrants
No one should be discriminated against based on where they were born, who their parents were, or on the basis of nationality. Citizenship is just another Big Government program to divide, control, and extort money from people. Borders of political jurisdictions should be open, as they generally are between cities and counties in California, a system that works well. I will seek to end deportations, support "sanctuary cities", and withhold all state cooperation with federal anti-immigrant programs and agencies like ICE which have grown increasingly oppressive under the Trump administration.
Keeping Families Together
"Child Protective Services" agencies and family courts are out of control. All too often they are monetarily incentivized to separate children from their families, with children and parents denied due process and basic legal safeguards as they are railroaded through an uncaring system. I would seek to end these abuses, make adoption faster and easier for those kids who are in foster homes or state custody, and stop putting parents and children in jeopardy of separation over minor offenses such as leaving a child unattended, the presence of drug use, or corporal punishment.
Political Self-Determination for All
Those in power almost always resist efforts toward greater political independence, even for groups like Native American tribes who are already supposed to be self-governing. Anywhere a majority wants to form a new jurisdiction, whether a new town, county, state, or country, they should be free to do so and take the land they live on with them. Secession is a civil right. I specifically support the longstanding desire of residents in northern California and southern Oregon to create a new state of Jefferson, and efforts to split California into multiple states. Forty million people is too large a jurisdiction to be controlled by one government in Sacramento that has little accountability to residents.
Guaranteeing Educational Choice
One size does not fit all! People, especially minorities, ESL students, and students with special needs, require better educational options than failing government-run schools which do not meaningfully improve no matter how much money is thrown at them. I support homeschooling and independent school alternatives, and allowing families and students the ability to choose these educational alternatives at a lower cost to taxpayers.
Fighting Government Greed
Government personnel should not be paid more than the people they're supposed to be working for. Yet thousands are receiving 6-figure salaries and gold-plated benefits and pensions, including legislators with a base salary of $114,877 a year. If elected, I will limit my take-home pay to no more than the area median income, dedicate my excess salary over that amount to helping Californians pay off fees and fines wrongfully imposed by government, and challenge fellow politicians and others in the coercive sector to do the same. I will seek to reduce involuntary taxes, fines, and fees as much as possible, especially those that fall hardest on the poor and marginalized, such as regressive sales taxes and vehicle violation fines.
Human Rights in Prison
Dostoevsky said the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons. As an elected member of the State Assembly, I would use that soapbox to shine a light on conditions in the state's prisons and jails, and try to ensure that people behind bars are not mistreated and forgotten. Particularly since so many of them have not committed any actual crime against the lives, liberty, or property of others. I will do what I can to end mass incarceration in California, and move toward a system based on rehabilitating offenders and providing restitution to victims. No one including so-called "sex offenders" should be incarcerated past the end of their sentences, or branded with a "scarlet letter" for life.
Defund or Abolish Police
As amply illustrated by the murder of George Floyd and far too many African-Americans and others, the current system is broken. I support making police departments more transparent and officers more accountable, or even getting rid of armed police altogether if politically possible. I specifically endorse Libertarian congressman Justin Amash's "Ending Qualified Immunity Act", and reforms including requiring police officers to carry individual liability insurance which disincentivize them from using excessive force by financially penalizing them with higher insurance premiums when they do, banning dangerous chokeholds and reckless practices like shooting at moving vehicles, outlawing police unions that serve to obstruct justice and protect bad officers, and mandating that copies of police incident reports be automatically and promptly provided to both suspects and victims in order to reduce the incidence of officers colluding or lying on these reports.
Legalizing Housing
Government officials taxing, regulating, delaying, and outright prohibiting the construction of much-needed housing for a growing population has resulted in tens of thousands living on the streets, with around 8,000 homeless in San Francisco alone. This is unconscionable. Tiny homes and residential vehicles must be legalized, urban camping decriminalized, zoning restrictions rooted in racism repealed, NIMBYs no longer allowed to block other people's housing projects, and property owners given the freedom to subdivide and build on their lots, in order to create more housing and bring down the costs of buying or renting a home. There is no reason anyone in this state should lack a decent place to live at an affordable cost.

About the candidate...

I'm a companion (erotic service provider), pansexual, veg*n, freedom activist and aspiring novelist based in San Francisco, with a BA in journalism from San Francisco State University and a work background including stints in retail and movie theaters as well as being a warehouse worker, legal assistant, and enlisted member of the U.S. Army Reserves. I get around mainly by bicycle, love reading, traveling, fitness, and the outdoors, and get along with & appreciate both cats, dogs, and children (as long as none of them are too yappy!)

Voters can read more about my thoughts on various issues, and like my posts or follow me, on social media including @StarchildSF on Twitter, and Disqus. If you have questions, comments, or would like to help my campaign, you're invited to get in touch by writing or calling me directly.


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